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about Akuti and Dwarka Escorts service

about Akuti and Dwarka Escorts service

Do you know about me and my Dwarka Escorts service, maybe yes and probably not even, If you are my friend then you would have known me or you would have known me even if you would have met me. Or if you use the service of my Dwarka Escorts then you know me. If you do not know me then no matter. I am going to give you a complete introduction to myself and our Dwarka Escorts service. So that you can better understand me and my Dwarka Escorts service.

I am saying to understand myself, that why, because, I love making friends, and I love my friends, So if you meet me and you understand me, then we may also be friends, And our rhythm melody may also be better. Now I give my introduction. My name is Akuti, I am related to the Dwarka Escorts service, I am the Dwarka Escorts service escorts model, Do you know the meaning of akuti, may be no, I say, Akuti means princes, yes, I am a princess for my friends, My friends admire me very much. they always tell me that you look like a model, Your eyes are so beautiful, like a buck, my female friends also tease me a lot, because my hair is very tall, dense and dark.

Those people always talk about my hair only, she says how your hair is so black, And I always give the same answer every time that I keep my hair in a very good way, so my hair is so beautiful, If you do any of your body parts in a good way, then they can give you a lot of respect.

Now I describe my body structure.

My height is 5 feet 8 inches, I am a girl of slim body, my lip is quite thin and pink. my waist size is 23 inches, my nose is long, my face is quite white, my hair is tall, dense, black and curly, my teeth are white and bright, my chest size is 38 inches, because the bulge of my chest looks far away, My stomach is slim, my eyes are dark black, my cheeks are pimple free, absolutely smooth, and my finger is long and the nails are too long.

That's why people inspire me for modeling and also call the name of angel or princess, I know why I look so beautiful, because I keep an eye on my food very closely, and I eat the food that is beneficial, because of which I look so beautiful and charming.

Now I am going to tell about my diet

I am very concerned about food, I never eat that food which can prove harmful to my body, I wake up in the morning and take the almond milk soaked in the as a first breakfast, then after half an hour I drink the juice and eat two boiled eggs, Because breakfast should always be heavy. I use Chapati Dal and green leafy vegetable in lunch, And with lunch I also eat salad of carrots, onions, beetroots, etc.

I take fruit salad in the evening and take dinner very lightly, and then take a glass of milk with turmeric or saffron before sleeping, Which is a full diet sample, I do not use non-veg or spicy vegetables and I never to eat fast food, So I do not have to go to the doctor, and my beauty always remains.

Now I tell about my favorite friend

I make my friend after check, my friend can become the one who respect girls and women, they should funny too and mature too, I hate a lot of the liars but can lie a little bit in jokes, But if one gets hurt by this lie, then that too is beyond me, my friend becomes the one whose standard and profile is high, Rich or poor, he does not have any meaning but his knowledge and thoughts should be high profile.

It has the intelligence to understand someone's pain and his heart is soft. If you want to meet me or befriend me, my address will be found on my Dwarka Escort website, I am associated with the 24x7 with Dwarka Escort service so you should contact me to join the Dwarka Escort service, this Escorts Dwarka service has lots of beauty girls and all girls works as sensual booster.

If you are sensual lover and want to boost your sunsual power so freely to contacts our Escort Dwarka girls like me, Neha, Sapna, Nilafer, Asima, and much more, the Escorts Dwarka service is look like heaven , you feel also here to heaven, here you will find beauty queen on every side, so for coping with me, call to me or office of Escort Dwarka service you can also contact me through whatsapp number, I am waiting you.


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