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about our Escort Aerocity Girls Priyashi likes and dislikes

about our Escort Aerocity Girls Priyashi likes and dislikes

I am going to meet you with a very lovely escort girls today, This cute little girl named Priyanshi, she is parts of our Escort Aerocity service. she is also beautiful according to the name, The blonde body, the thin waist, the bushy hair, the sharp face, has the ability to make anyone crazy. Their height is nearly 5 feet 6 inches, it's very good for a boy of 6 feet. The strength of their breast will wake the lust of anyone. Their slow smile produces fracture in the body. her melodious voice is like a poppy, Long nose, thin pink lips, green spinal eyes, moon face, force for continually watching her.

First of all, I am going to tell about our Escort Aerocity Girls Priyashi likes and dislikes.

If you are going to make an affair with Escort Aerocity Girls Priyanshi, then first you know about their affections and dislikes, The boys who like these they should have the following.

i. Priyashi does not like boys who smoke, because Priyanshi smoker and hates smoking.

ii. Priyashi does not like to speak too much, she likes less and sweet speaker more.

iii. Priyanshi does not even like the boys who are doing yoga on any thing to coitus, i.e., those who lick the soles are also trapped.

iv. Overseat boys also do not like Priyanshi, because this is a simple but very fast girl.

v. Priyashi does not even like to lie and listen to lies, so you have to always speak the truth in front of them.

vi. Even though you have gone to have coitus with them, but keep the woman respect at the top, so you will have to deal with them with respect.

vii. Whether you are coitusually or not, Priya does not make any difference to you, but you need to be mature, they do not like childish movements.

viii. They are avoided by the stench of sweat, if you want to share the bed with Priyanshi, you will have to come fresh.

our Escorts Aerocity Girls Priyashi is very choosi with the boys, If you have all the above given quality then you feel assured that Priyanshi is made for you, If you are planning to take some gift or anything for Priyanshi or to roam with them than I am going to tell you about their favorite food, their favorite gift and favorite place to roam around.

favorite food of our Escorts Aerocity Girls Priyanshi

Priyashee is very conscious about her figure, she is ready to do anything to keep her body's beauty alive, That's why she likes the food that has more nutrition and no oil. The most favorite of them- Dates, grapefruit, pomegranate, banana, cherry, papaya, Apple, orange and much more. Priyashee likes the same fruits which contain Vitamin A, B, C and Iron. Apple and pomegranate are one of their favorite fruits, these are avoided by dry fruits, they use the least of dry fruits, she like broccoli and mushrooms in vegetables, In such a way she like  spinach paneer, fried Pulse also but if you talk about choice, then mushrooms and broccoli is most favorite , because the broccoli and mushroom makes skin are very bright. So if you want to take some food for them then anything from them can be taken.

favorite Gift of our Escort Aerocity Girls Priyanshi

If you want to give a gift to Priyashashi, then she just likes the same gift that comes in handy. Bouquets or flowers do not like them because it gets spoiled the next day, she also dislikes more expensive gifts, So if you are taking a gift for them then they should be first handy and not too expensive.

Favorite place of our Aerocity Escort Girls Priyanshi

If you are planning to hang out with Priyanshi then understand one thing Priyashi has a lot of love for nature, So if you take them to the mountains or to a delightful place, then it will be better, These castles and historians prefer to walk less on the place, because she do not like noise, There is no noise in mountains and forests, so Priyashi is very much like playing in the lap of nature.

If you want to do coitus with our Aerocity Escort girls priyanshi then you can contact to our Aerocity Escorts service , from there you will get an appointment. So go and get appointment.


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